The Iolite Project:
Iolite* is a software package originally intended for deconvolution of data obtained by laser ablation ICPMS (although now also used for TIMS and solution ICPMS data too). Developed over a period of years by various members of the Melbourne Isotope and trace element group, and continually supported, we hope that Iolite will enrich your laser ablation experience…

You have chanced upon the OLD Iolite website. As of October 2014 Iolite was commercialised - the new website and forum can be found at The legacy version of Iolite freeware (vs 2.5)  was made available for a further 12 month transition period as a service to the analytical community.  However, Iolite has come a very long way in those 12 months and we now feel that vs 2.5 is outdated and no longer represents best practice in data reduction. Consequently we are no longer distributing version 2.5.and we encourage you to explore the trial version of Iolite 3. All of the links above (Wiki, Forum, Blog) have been superseded by the new website. 

The commercialisation of Iolite was necessary in order to maintain its viability into the future but, now that we have developers working full-time, things are moving forward pretty fast. Check out the new website for news and videos of a multitude of cool new features. Or drop by our workshops at Goldschmidt each year. There are many changes in Iolite 3 including:

an entirely new interface with greatly streamlined tools for navigating through your data and visualising and analysing  your results
support for many new instruments
new imaging protocols and colour enhancement (ECDF) features
significant changes to the U-Pb DRS
improvements to uncertainty propagation algorithms
improvements to calculation of LOD
processing templates now allowing rapid deconvolution of large repetitive datasets
support for split streaming
linked integrations
 easier access to current Reference Material data (GeoREM)
 numerous small improvements and bug fixes that may impact data processing
 full user manual
 improved service and troubleshooting

All the best,
The Iolite Team

Last release of Iolite freeware: version  2.5, release date 29th October 2013

software for laser ablation icpms